The Beliefs

I believe each person, group, and subject should be treated with respect and civility, even when those sentiments are not returned. I see it to be a matter of respect to allow every group and person to self-identify, therefore I will strive to only refer to organizations and individuals with labels they have publicly given or accepted themselves.

I know that I am an imperfect representative of the changes I would like to see. In light of this I’ll refrain from ad hominem attacks to discredit opposing viewpoints knowing that similar attacks could discredit my own.

In recognition that fundamentalism makes it impossible to have an honest dialog about issues, I resolve to always test my most fundamental beliefs against the realities of the world.

I seek to understand and better grasp the long and rich natural history of the world and humankind’s place in it.

I believe that no one can be truly free unless all people are free.

I believe that capitalism is inherently undemocratic; that that unequal accumulation of wealth and the ability of that wealth to buy influence and power is not a significant improvement over the caste systems of oligarchies in the past.

I believe that a cooperative democracy can and should be the pinnacle of human culture; one which offers respect and sympathy to both humankind and the world around us.

I believe in good government and shared responsibility, but I understand that no government will be accountable or subservient to the people whom it governs without extensive effort.

I know I have a lot to learn about the world, that my experience is limited and also acts a filter through which I see all things. It is my goal to expand what I know, to provide a broader frame in which to relate to the lives of others.