Delays, Enjoyable Delays

As my loyal follower [Joel] has pointed out to me, I skipped last Friday’s update. This was partly due to being busy, partly laziness, and (inexcusably) partly a lack of bike news to update my imaginary horde of followers on.
But a general life update is certainly called for, so that’s what I’ll do here.

Last weekend was Autumn’s birthday. I decided a month ago or so to dive in and buy her a DSLR. I did some research and wound up selecting the Canon Rebel T3i. She wanted to spend the weekend in St Augustine, the nation’s oldest city AMD the site of Castillo San Marco, a national monument centered around a 3 hundred year old Spanish fort. There’s also a beach.
We camped at a KOA campground, perused  the historic downtown area. We bought some books from a small bookstore and had delicious ice cream. It was a good weekend and we put the camera to good use.

I’d also gotten am email from my friend Nick, who I’ve kept in touch with sporadically for the last year and half or so, since he moved to NYC. I sent him a reply and we’ve actually kept a good back and forth going since then, which I’m really happy about. Nick has been a good friend for a long time, now, but keeping in touch has been difficult for both of us.
Still, though, our desire to remain close friends has not wavered, which I’m very glad for.

This weekend, tomorrow in fact, is Autumn’s brother’s wedding reception. He and Taylor, his wife, were married last year in Thailand while she was spending a year teaching English there. Her family is in Colorado, which is where I’m writing the entry from. We (Autumn and I) arrived Thursday afternoon in time for a family dinner. It was fun, meeting the family on both sides. I’m meeting three of her brothers for the first time, I’d met the youngest, Chris, in California (where they live) earlier this year.
Colorado is beautiful. The weather is remarkably similar to north Florida at this very moment. The forecasts show five degree warmer highs in FL and ten degree cooler lows in CO. Its really incredible.
The scenery is amazing, today we’re going to go tromping around on a mesa. A fucking mesa! I’ve never been on a mesa before. Never even seen one from the land in person. I’m really excited about being here. Autumn and I are snapping lots of photos, some of which I’ll post here when I have a spare evening later this week. I’ll include some shots of St Augustine, too.

For now, I have to wrap this up. I look forward to posting stories of tromping about the edges of cliffs later this week, as well as having some actual news about the bike other than it being delayed for, honestly, really enjoyable things which have been unquestionably worth it.

Thanks for reading, Joel, I’ll see you Sunday night.

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