The Saddest Weekend

Today is Friday, the 10th of October; the first day of the Barber Vintage Festival; the day I would have been on the road with Marlin, Chelsea, Joel and Autumn for 7 hours.

We canceled the trip to the festival a month or so ago, so it’s not surprise, but my phone alerted me that the festival was today when I woke up this morning. Coming out of my room to find the BMW sitting inside the house, taken halfway apart, was a sad reminder that we are missing something that looks very awesome.

We’d talked about doing something else, instead, this weekend. Go to the beach maybe? It’s perfect weather for a day of riding, too bad I have nothing to ride. I think I’ll spend the weekend working on my bike, getting everything drained and stripped off. I need to set myself a schedule in which things need to get done, otherwise I’ll just poke and prod and hardly make any progress for a couple months.

It just occurred to me a couple nights ago that I’ve given myself a time frame of about six months to get the thing running again. Our lease is up in July and I’d really like to find a new place (fenced in backyard, maybe?), but that means I have to be able to drive the bike away.

Autumn’s and my trip to Colorado is happening soon, though—two weeks from yesterday—and I’m really excited about that. Getting more excited the more I think about it, actually.

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