The BMW is still out of commission.

After further inspection I found nothing specific causing the apparent lack of power. I’ve replaced the fuses and next on the list is to try a new ignition switch. Unfortunately the website I’ve been turning to doesn’t seem to carry them. I spent some time looking through some other parts websites and haven’t found anything that I’m willing to pay $100 for, considering it may not fit or even be the problem. I suppose an option is to see if Alan has a spare ignition I can borrow and test.

Another option is to just start tearing the bike apart for the complete diagnostics/cleaning/repair. It’d be nice to move the bike inside for that, especially with colder weather on its way.

Joel and I have kicked around the idea of renting a small warehouse—or space within a larger warehouse—to set up shop, to be able to work on things and plan trips from. It’d be too expensive to add rent for a warehouse to our current stack of monthly obligations, but if we found someplace we could live in as well that’d be pretty perfect. I don’t think there’s much chance of that, so instead I may just turn one half of our dining room into a makeshift workshop.

I’m pretty nervous about diving in like this, considering the bike is mysteriously (to me) not running right now. I’d much rather have a running bike which I tinker with and then, at the end of the day, put back together and make sure it’s still working properly. I’d hate to put a couple months of work on the bike and then realize that I’ve screwed something up and have to strip it down again just to replace a wire or a bolt.

The [possible] future home of the work-in-progress BMW.

The [possible] future home of the work-in-progress BMW.

Tearing the bike completely apart is something that I’ll have to do very slowly, very carefully and while making notes along the way. I may invest in some microfiche diagrams, especially for the engine, so I can ensure each piece goes in the right place and also to check that all the bits were there originally.

Another downside to starting the tear down now is that I haven’t gotten a chance to do things like compression tests to the engine yet. It’d be better, I think, to do that before I refurbish the body and electrics, partially just so I don’t have to take all that apart again.

There’s also the simple fact that stripping down the body means I can’t ride it.

And with the weather as nice as it is, I really just want to ride it.

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