It’s been an incredibly uneventful week, motorcycle–wise. After becoming a bit disheartened by my failure to fix my speedometer cable, I successfully ignored thinking about any further repairs this weekend. I’ll probably do a bit of online searching for the replacement parts I’ve convinced myself I need. I ought to call Alan, too, and let him know I’d like his help replacing that.

Shit, he might be able to figure out a way to get the current one to work. That’d be nice.

Right, so nothing really happening with the bike. What did happen? Well work was busy. Haven’t gotten few than 8–and–a–half hours on the clock one night yet (Tuesday I worked almost 11 hours). I just got paid Thursday night, which was much needed.

[Side note: is it ever really necessary to say that a paycheck is much needed? I can’t remember a time in my life when I wasn’t in need of the next one, and I imagine most people are in similar situations.]

School started this week, also. I’m in one class, Cultural Anthropology, which seems like it’s going to be good. Not much to say about that yet, as we’ve only met twice.

On the very first day (Tuesday), I pulled up in the little motorcycle parking area and another BMW pulled up right beside me. We shook hands, traded model years, introduced ourselves and talked about the bikes while we walked into the nearby building. I told him I’d only been riding about 6 months and that this was my first bike.

He looked at me, serious, and said, “take my phone number. If you break down or run out of gas or anything call me, my dad or I will bring you the part you need and get you running again.”

I thanked him profusely for the assurance.

It’s pretty damn cool that, pretty much, everywhere I go people comment on or ask about the bike. Older guys love to talk about their days riding, younger riders think the vintage bike look is awesome (and are pleasantly surprised to find out it’s truly a classic). BMW riders are nothing but welcoming, supportive and eager to help. So many riders I’ve met just want to ride together at some point.

I like this de facto club I’ve joined more and more every day.

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